Guess Who’s Back? Back Again!

(Above: kimono-Hollister (I know, right?!), Dress-thrifted, platform wedges- Forever 21, Necklace- Charming Charlie)
I’m sorry that my posts have been non-existent lately but life hit and it hit hard! But now it’s time to keep on keeping on and get back to the things I love!
Today’s post is more of a recap of the last 2 months for me, so let’s begin!
This is my last physical semester (aside from online classes) as a Fashion Merchandising Student at MTSU and I was made one of the directors of The Annual TXMD Runway Show “Cosmic Couture.” I am so excited/terrified to showcase all of the talent MTSU’s fashion program has to offer!
On top of the runway show, a buying class, and a Human Sciences community service independent study, I am also enrolled in a product line development class with the greatest group ever. Above is one of the ensembles we have designed and created as part of a Spring line for the hypothetical brand Alter’E. We have seen this brand through from its hypothetical beginnings and marketing to its very real garments and it is such an amazing process that I can’t wait to continue to witness for the rest of my life!
And just for fun, I’ll fill you in on what has pretty much been my uniform lately. Denim and white. And lots of it. Above, I am wearing a thrifted button down with American Eagle’s Sky High Jeggings. I paired the look with my trusty old Forever 21 boots that desperately need to be re-soled as well as a Steve Madden bag and my gold Charming Charlie nail cuff.
 I am so excited to get back to my blog!

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