Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

2015-04-27 16.47.32

I know, I know. Florals. But THIS DRESS THOUGH.

2015-04-27 16.47.35

This dress is probably one of the greatest products of the 90’s besides my generation.

I found this, and 95% of my closet, at Goodwill.

2015-04-27 16.47.43And it has POCKETS. For a normal day of classes, I would wear it with some simple black strappy heels and my favorite shades from Forever 21. For a more casual setting, I would just swap the heels for sandals.

2015-04-27 16.47.53

This handbag is another of my prized thrifting possessions. I have no idea what brand it is but I found this majestic jaguar in a pile of bags at my local Goodwill.

2015-04-27 16.48.11

I am obsessed with this dress and I feel the need to find like 20 more varieties of it for my wardrobe this summer.


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