Chanel Resort 2016

The Chanel Resort show in Seoul, Korea, on the 4th renewed my love for Chanel.

While I love to see couture shows, more laid back resort collections always call to me (and my poor little bank account!)

Candy Colors

DSC002CHA_0050 DSC009CHA_0190


These candy colored looks are inspiring me to get out of my black dresses for Spring this year! As far as my personal style, the first look above would definitely be on my list (you know… if it weren’t for those pesky student loans!).

The New Business Suit

DSC052CHA_1214 DSC056CHA_1304

Chanel is known not only for their quilted bags, but also for their tweed. This new silhouette of women’s suiting features a culotte, a style of pants definitely on my to-do list.



Ok, I take it back. This jumpsuit is the one piece I would have to have from this collection. Karl did this piece in the 3 colorways shown and it. is. gorgeous.


This amazing collection brought people in from all over the world and even had celebs skipping the Met gala! This is definitely my favorite collection by Karl so far and I hope he continues to take Chanel in this direction!


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