Bloglovin H&M Awards



Dress: H&M Basics (similar here), Kimono: H&M (similar here), Shoes: Agaci, Bag: Steve Madden,

Sunnies: hilarious knock-offs from the Bahamas (Prada design, Dolce & Gabana logo…)


Like every other girl ever, I LOVE H&M for both basics and standout pieces. I tied my midi-length dress at the knee to give it some shape and added my favorite kimono from my “Kimono Incident of 2014” (I bought soooo mannnyyyy D:). This dress is so versatile because of its length and simplicity. I can literally wear it for anything anywhere and it probably gets the most use out of everything in my closet!

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(This is my entry for the Bloglovin H&M Awards. Wish me luck!!!)


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