The Laundry Day Challenge


It happens to all of us. One day we wake up, go to get dressed… and everything we know and love to wear is dirty. I’m not talking “I wore this the other day but it should be fine if I hang it in the bathroom while I shower.” No. Like rolled up in a ball in the bottom of my hamper after being worn in the heat of Summer. So today’s “challenge” was to put on something I don’t normally go straight for.


After a quick dig through my closet, I found this cropped blouse that I found at T.J. Maxx… in December. The tags were still on. Oops. I paired it with a bit of an unseasonal choice of vintage Calvin Klein Jeans seeing as all of my shorts were in my hamper. I also wore pointed floral flats from Gap and paired the look with a bag from Charming Charlie and my boyfriend watch.

Aaaaaannnnnndddd then we tried to take some jump shots…



Ok ladies and gents! You know the drill! Give this post a like and a comment and follow me using the buttons in the sidebar if you haven’t already. Also, what do you guys think of this new layout? I’m obsessed.

(And don’t worry. I did my laundry.)


4 thoughts on “The Laundry Day Challenge

  1. Oi, do I know the challenges of trying to find something to wear when everything is dirty! It’s so frustrating sometimes. I have worn the same clothes a few days in a row, gross, I know, but when it gets down to the dregs of your closet, you find things that you forgot you had! Happens all the time with me. Or if I decide to be creative and not wear the same general style over and over, even if it works for me.
    Your shirt is cute, by the way! 😉

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