Well, Givenchy… you did it. You won fashion.


Ricardo Tisci’s Spring 2016 collection for Givenchy consisted completely of black and white looks. Don’t let that fool you into thinking this show was anything close to basic.


Held on a rooftop with a cross-the-river view of 1WTC and the lights in memoriam of the lives lost on 9/11, the Givenchy show was one of the most visually interesting shows I’ve seen in years. Arguably the best since the late, great Alexander McQueen’s S/S 1999 show (among his others of course) or perhaps Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 heat sensitive collection. The show was choreographed and designed by performance artist Marina Abramovic and set to a mixture of  6 different forms of religious music, with the finale set to “Ave Maria.” The beautiful rooftop set was created using recycled materials and had various people performing Abramovic’s art pieces. _MON0039 _MON0050 _MON0062 _MON0080 _MON0099_MON0173 The first portion (as well of most of the rest) of the show consisted of some light, airy pieces. Most of these pieces featured lace and sheer panels in varying lengths and hem lines. (Also shout out for the girl in the second picture up. She took quite a tumble down those pallets and had the BEST recovery! Bravo!!! I think whoever was in charge of tying her shoes is fired now… haha)_MON0448 _MON0480The men’s portion of the show was small (most likely due to the fact that men’s recently had its own show in July), but still impactful among all the women’s looks. The suit coats varied in length but I was particularly fond of the longer ones. _MON0546 Joan. Yes. _MON0620 _MON0710 _MON0730 _MON0780 And of course, what is a Givenchy show with out a pierced face and a full face of lace?! Don’t forget the blonde dress! So many of the pieces in this collection had such amazing movement as well as a lightness. _MON0805 _MON1020 _MON1148 I hope will be posting details soon but the above necklace is definitely an homage to the large necklaces featured in the menswear show earlier in the summer. _MON1319 Speaking of movement, Eva Chen got an amazing slo-mo video of this pearl-encrusted dress as it bounced down the runway._MON1751

The amazing designer received an ovation from not only fashion pros and celebrities, but also from his fellow designers that were in attendance.



Watch it all HERE.

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Photos from

Wideview shots: screenshots of the livestream by me (you should see my camera roll…)


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