Public School vs. DKNY: Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne

As an avid Public School fan, I was anxious to see what Chow and Osborne would do this season, not only for Public School but also with their new positions at DKNY.


_PUB0040 _PUB0352 _PUB0490Plunging necklines were abundant throughout the collection, in both dresses and tops.

_PUB0162_PUB0334_PUB0292Intricate, layered hemlines were also a theme in the presentation.


Though few pieces were embellished, the few that were blended perfectly within the collection.

_PUB0276_PUB0244Above are my top two looks from the show. I would wear these looks as they are straight off of the runway (you know, if student loans didn’t exist and I didn’t have bills to pay…).


How it was alike:

_ARC0339_ARC0187_ARC0507_ARC0571Chow and Osborne carried both their layered hems and heavy monochrome into their first DKNY collection.

_ARC0793While this pop of blue is definitely more of a DKNY signature, the sheer definitely belongs to Public School.

How they are different:

_ARC0053_ARC0041Pinstripe. Definitely a DKNY staple, especially when the brand was founded in the late 80’s. The guys put their own spin on the look as a homage to the original brand look (this is only a FRACTION of the pinstripes that were throughout the collection!). The show was filled with over-sized, boxy power suit looks. My favorite detail of the show was the idea of “the missing piece” that they revealed to press backstage. With their broken up pinstripe, half-done pleats, and pants-less power suits, they told the world that yes, they don’t know what they’re doing yet but they will find their voice at DKNY.

While I definitely believe that Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne know who they are at Public School, they are still finding their voice at DKNY. I’m certain they’ll find it.


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