Chloé Spring 2016

_A2X0712The best way I know to describe the Chloé Spring 2016 Ready to Wear collection is “athleisure-meets-flowy-meets-mermaid.” Originally, the track suits threw me off a little. But mixed with the flowy skirts and athletic pants, I had some sudden nostalgia. Is this not the exact way I dressed in elementary/middle school? (Where are the embarrassing pictures when I need them?!) The details in this collection were also amazing. I’m so glad to see that tassels and off the shoulder looks are here to stay!

KIM_0889_A2X1073As always with Chloé, the accessories are amazing. KIM_0485KIM_0339KIM_0315_A2X0377KIM_0263_A2X0301_A2X0850Oh look, another collection of Chloé bags and shoes for me to covet…


Although I’m not usually a fan of tracksuits, Chloé styled them in a way that is true to their brand.

Alright everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a bit. I’ve been sick and helping my mother move. But fear not! Much more content is headed your wayyyyy!!! If you aren’t already, give me a follow and a like! Comment below with you opinion on the collection! ❤

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7 thoughts on “Chloé Spring 2016

    1. Thank you :)) It was a little out of the ordinary for them but I still liked over half of the looks (based on the number of images I considered for this post lol)! Definitely not the Chloé we’re accustomed to though!

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