Lucy: In Closet Costume


I have always loved older movies and TV shows not only for nostalgia purposes but as a way to see the clothing from that time in action. One of my top style icons has always been Lucille Ball. In her shows, “I Love Lucy” and “The Lucy Show,” and her movies, I saw not only hilarious physical comedy but also AMAZING classic style. As a fellow red head, you know I had to embody her at least once!

IMG_8383IMG_8382To become Lucy, I wore a thrifted white button down with a thrifted blue midi. I paired the look with floral flats from Gap (still available online) and cameo earrings from a yard sale. IMG_8384“WAHHHHHHHH!”

(Does anyone else remember the episode of “I Love Lucy” were Ricky borrows a mink coat to be used in his variety show and Lucy thinks its for her? So Ricky stages a robbery with Fred to get the coat away from her and a real robber comes in?! )

IMG_8393This is definitely my favorite costume that I’ve ever put together. I love creating costumes from things I already have!IMG_8381As always, give me a follow if you aren’t already using the buttons in the right sidebar. Also, follow me on SnapChat, datginger7660. I post a lot of unflattering selfies and pictures of food. It’s a great time.


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