Today, like many days, I woke up feeling lazy. I know this must come as a shock but I really just wanted to put on some leggings and a sweatshirt and schlep to class…but then I opened my closet.


Upon opening said closet I saw all one thousand button downs that I have accumulated in my thrifting adventures and realized it was time to create a new option for my “daily uniform.”


So I put on my thrifted J Crew (possibly children’s?) button down with my American Eagle Sky High Jeggings. I decided to pair it with some tan accessories like my tan peep-toe booties (similar here) and a tan bag (similar).


Jewelry was also minimal today, although the button-down would’ve also paired well with a statement necklace. I wore my silver knot earrings from H&M with a simple gold bar necklace from JCP (part of a pack of 3).


IMG_8590IMG_8582P.S. I graduate in like 3 weeks!!!! *praise hand emoji* Today was senior day so I went and ate a bunch of free egg rolls, got a free t-shirt, and was the only one in line to get my picture taken alone! (Didn’t realize it was a social function. I was just there for the free crap…)


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