A few weeks ago, I did another shoot with my good friend Chelsea. This time it was not for a class project or for the blog, although you get to see it anyway, but for my graduation invitations.

For this shoot I decided to keep my hair, makeup, and outfit simple so as not to disgust myself in a few years. I did my hair in its natural waves (of course with a “little” help from a curling wand…) and kept my makeup simple with just foundation,lipstick, and mascara. Of course you guys have already seen this outfit before, but I feel like this dress is very descriptive of my personal style.

We used one of the great “I Believe in Nashville” murals by DCXV Industries in Nashville along with the gorgeous blue striped wall of a boutique directly next to it (I can’t find the name of the boutique ANYWHERE!). This along with 2 more of DCXV’s murals make for some of the best photo-ops in town.

One of the first pictures of me taken by someone else where I don’t feel like I’m looking at a stranger. It’s always so easy and comfortable to be “shot” by a friend.
This dress is in constant rotation in my closet so of course I had to immortalize it in my graduation shoot.
This is the smaller of the two “I Believe in Nashville” murals in East Nashville.

|| Dress: thrifted, similar || Shoes: Agaci || Gold bar necklace: JCP (part of set of 3) || Watch: Invicta, similar

For this shoot, I decided to keep it simple and not really give my look any specific time frame or trend. I learned my lesson from my high school senior shoot…
Directly across from the mural is this super cute boutique with a gorgeous striped wall. They had to know it would be a perfect photo op!



Pretending I am glamorous…..
……which we all know is super false.

On December 12th, I am finally graduating college with my degree in Fashion Merchandising. After 4 years of hard work, nervous breakdowns, and fun, I am FINALLY heading out into the real world. What does this mean for you guys? More blog posts, hopefully in more interesting settings than my backyard. I recently reached 600 followers and counting and I am so excited to have the time to give you guys more and better content. Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all my followers and if you’re new here? Welcome! The follow buttons are to your right ❤


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