Rainy Day (Again)

It is officially December and it is also officially the third day of rain straight. My front yard is a pond and I’m over it. When I woke up this morning, it was barely raining so I threw on my favorite leather jacket and one of my go-to jeans and tee combos and went to class! (My rainy day look is pretty consistent as you may have noticed …. Check out my last one here.)

As you can see from my hair, it definitely got worse. This post should probably be titled what NOT to wear on a rainy day. Had I realized it would rain so much, I would have worn something with a hood. Some would probably suggest an umbrella but I literally lose every single umbrella. Always. Ever.

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|| olive green faux leather jacket – Forever 21 (similar here) || tee – Zara (similar) || jeans – vintage Calvin Klein || boots – Forever 21 (similar)
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I despise rain boots so these boots have been my go-to rain shoes for months! 
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Pretending to be care-free while having my soul crushed by exams! 😀
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Any ol’ water proof shoe will do! (As long as the puddle isn’t too deep…)
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The only accessory today || watch – Invicta (similar) ||



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