Winter Lust List

My Winter Lust List; aka the things I NEED to survive the winter apocalypse that is inevitably coming because this 70 degree weather is too good to be true. I’m ready for cozy sweaters, socks, scarves, coats, wraps, blankets… (mayyyybe enough snow that the mall is closed?? This is the South after all…)


This cashmere sweater from H&M in navy is a great alternative to my usual all-black winter look.



This gray hi-low sweater from Zara will look great either layered over a dress or skirt for work or paired with high waisted jeans.


This blush-colored cardigan from Asos would pair well with the gray Zara sweater or with a midi dress and tights. 





Uniqlo’s Heattech knee socks are a great alternative to the fuzzy slipper socks I’m usually trying to jam into my shoes.



Annnnnd here’s the fuzzy socks I’ll be jamming into my boots! (Hue)




Blanket scarves are so versatile. Personally, I just tie the ends together to make an infinity scarf and wrap it about 3 times until I’m reduced to a pair of eyes and a tuft of hair. (Target)



If I bought this huge knit scarf from Free People, I don’t think I’d ever take it off. One in every color, please! 




I think every woman needs a vintage coat she’s proud of. I’d be really proud of this one in cashmere from Etsy



hmprod (1)
This long, bomber-style men’s jacket from H&M would look just as great on a lady. 



This reversible wrap from Amazon is especially wonderful if you like mixing patterns like I do! 



This wrap, found on ebay, will brighten up an all-black look.


As you can see, I’m ready to layer and cozy up! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait just a little longer since it looks like it’s going to be 70 degrees on Christmas. Bah Humbug.




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