2015: A Year in Outfits

2016 has been here for a week now and I officially want to start fresh with my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget for that (*sad face*) so I decided to comb through my blog and take a look at what I’ve worn this past year to see what new twist I can put on some of these pieces in 2016 (and what to get rid of…). Here they are, “2015: A Year in Outfits”!

10) The main reason this made the list is the sheer number of times I wore these shorts this year. Like, to the point that my boyfriend asked if I needed to go shopping.
9) This amazing Chloé knock-off from Zara was my favorite purchase while I was in NYC. It is one of the most expensive singular pieces I have ever bought but I do love a good investment piece.
8) This laid-back white dress and black Birkenstock combo got a lot of wear over the summer. Here it is on my visit to The Frist to see the Fashion in Italy exhibit.
7) I will forever be obsessed with the shoot I did with Chelsea for her photography class. Pure satire… but almost truuuuu.
6) My look for a wedding in St. Louis. Such a beautiful city!
5) Fancy pants. No more explanation needed.
4) This classic button down and jeans combo is an easy to throw together look while still being “chic.” (I try not to use that word, I really do.)
3) This jumpsuit has seen a lot. It’s completely falling apart at the seams now. That $0.99 at Goodwill will get you far!
2) One of my earliest posts featuring another $0.99 find, these glorious wide-leg pants. These pants convinced me that maybe, just maybe, there are more silhouettes available than skinny fit.
1) My senior shoot. The pictures from this shoot have inspired me to stop being so shy about taking my outfit shots in public. No more “Hey, let’s shoot my outfit in the backyard when I get home!” Once again, another wonderful set from Chelsea!!!

As always, thanks for reading! If you haven’t already, follow me using the buttons to the right (or below using mobile) on WordPress, via email, on Facebook, Pinterest (I’m trying to get back into it!), and Instagram! Also, be sure to check out my Poshmark. I’ll be putting up quite a few new pieces in the coming weeks as I try to declutter. ❤


8 thoughts on “2015: A Year in Outfits

  1. Wide leg, high waist nauticals and the tea dress are to die. I’m always interested in tapping local knowledge on the international style scene. If you’re ever interested in a guest blog feature (kinda American/Brit style exchange), feel free to get in touch xx

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