At first I was complaining that it didn’t feel like Winter. Temps in the 70’s were ruining my plans of coats, wraps, and oodles of sweaters. Well I take it all back. Make it warm. All I can manage to put on (this past week anyway…) seems to be gray sweaters. That and this long muscle tee I’ve literally been layering under everything to allow for copious amounts of legging-wearing. This is what happens when winter sneaks up on you: you begin to think it’ll never happen so you don’t prepare your closet and you’re left with what remains of last Winter’s wardrobe. Coincidentally, those pieces all seem to be gray… *shrug*

I’ve been wearing nothing but gray sweaters practically the entire week.
||Necklace- The Giving Key||
Attempting to locate my pockets to create a more “casual” pose…
||Sweater- similar||Patched-look jeans- Similar|| Men’s muscle tank- Forever 21 (similar styles)||



||Knit socks- JCP||Boots- similar||
Snapchat, documenting my gray sweater spiral. (And giving some DJ Khaled-level inspiration) Follow me @datginger7660

As you all may have noticed, I’m trying to post more often this month. It may be a tad sporadic/all over the place at first until I find a schedule that works best for me so keep an eye out! In order to keep an eye out, you’ve gotta hit that follow button! Head over to that side bar and follow me here, on WordPress, or via email. Comment below and tell me about your Winter style-ruts so I don’t feel so bad about mine 😦 ❤


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