I went on a closet treasure hunt yesterday, looking for my grandad’s old bomber jacket and my really amazing swing coat that I assume has been swallowed alive somehow by my tiny closet. No sign of either but I did unearth this glorious crew neck sweatshirt I found at Forever 21 a few years back. It’s a play on the Céline shirts that were floating around in 2013-2014. I got this one while shopping for a “Célfie” t-shirt version.

I paired the crew neck with a patterned skirt, some tights, and boots since the snow has finally melted here in Tennessee. I draped a coat over my shoulders to combat the wind and ventured outside for the first time in days (besides hopping from house to car to work to car to home…).


||Sweatshirt- Similar “Line up the bitches” (I might have to buy this one..)||Skirt-Forever 21||Boots-Similar||Coat-Similar||Necklace-JCP||

Has anyone else had a ton of trouble getting dressed this winter? My day-to-day wardrobe has consisted of black, denim, and flannel, looking like I crawled out of a 1990’s “Hole” concert. Hopefully the rest of winter will be more like yesterday!




(P.S. Here’s Amanda Bynes in the same shirt like 3 years ago…)



4 thoughts on “GANG$TA LOVE

  1. Great look! My winter wardrobe is rubbish this year, it’s just too cold so I end up wearing layer upon layer that don’t match, I look like I’ve bought an entire charity shop! Haha x

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