Ice Ice Baby

Lately, it seems like global warming is making a fool out of me. Whenever anyone tells me it’s going to snow, I reply “Yeah right!” and proceed to wear far too little clothing because A) I live in Tennessee and I’ve only seen it snow more than an inch 3 times in my life (a few weeks ago and last February) and B)we are far too south for this mess. I also blame the groundhog for getting me excited about an early Spring.

In an attempt for warmth without wearing a coat, I placed an old Zara blazer over my thickest sweater, along with the thickest jeans I own. Silly me also thought ankle boots with ankle socks would keep me warm. lol, no. I also wore the world’s thinnest scarf.

Since the world seems to shut down every time it snows a centimeter here, I decided this would be the perfect time to go to Chipotle! No line and the world’s best guac ❤



||Bag & key poof-Betsey Johnson (similar)|| ||Scarf- Simply Vera by Vera Wang||

Thrifted items, Similar: ||Blazer|| ||Sweater|| ||Jeans|| ||Boots||


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