Men’s Fashion Week

I know, I know… I’m a little late getting started with my Men’s Fashion Week review. Hopefully I’ll make it worth your while!

Men’s Fall 2016 ended yesterday on the 11th so I decided to go through and collectively decide on my favorite collections. I noticed this season that the runways were covered in furs, loungewear, embroidery, knits, and long outerwear. So fellas, all I can tell you is Fall 2016 is going to be a cozy time for you.



Out of all the collections that I enjoyed for Fall 2016, A.P.C. is the most casual. The looks in the collection consisted of plaids, wools, and sweaters pieced together in a way that could definitely be worn in a business casual setting.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s show started with what I thought was a trip into the Winter wilderness of Russia or something. (As always, I mean that in the best way!) Casual wool and thermal-style pants and sweaters were paired with oversized fur coats and boots. That soon evolved into pajama sets paired as a suit along with suiting and casual wear embroidered with images of the Wild Wild West. Aside from embroideries (which gave me some serious Nudie and Manuel vibes), the collection was kept neutral in black, white, brown, and gray. This show definitely took the top spot as my favorite show of Men’s Week!

John Galliano

According to Vogue Runway, the Fall 2016 collection for John Galliano was inspired by a soldier learning to be a civilian again. Once again featuring some amazing outerwear, we can see that the bomber jacket is here to stay. We also see more embroidery, just like D&G, as well as wools and structured coats. Like many of the other men’s collections, we see a lot of orange, maroon, and neutrals; the palette of the season.

Pringle of Scotland


(Actually shown in London but I couldn’t resist!) More fur, wool, pops of orange, and, something I hadn’t mentioned yet, plaid. Pringle’s Fall 2016 collection looks like the love child of all the collections above. I’m always so excited to see what they have in store and they definitely didn’t disappoint! The silhouettes also repeated what was seen in other’s collections; volume up top, slim and cropped at the bottom. Now all I need is the female equivalent of all these looks!



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