Fall RTW 2016: Fur, Florals, and Flares

Fall 2016 Ready to Wear is probably the most consistent season I’ve seen in a while. Some said this means American fashion is getting boring. I think this means American fashion is finding its comfort zone. Maybe this will slow down the fast-fashion industry that has been zooming through our closets the last couple of years and allow some new classics to emerge.

This past week, I saw hordes of fur, florals, and flares of varying lengths. Not to mention all of the suede and sock/sandal combos which are also here to stay. We seem to be headed back towards that stylish ease of the 70’s and I am pumped.



These looks from Proenza Schouler (above) use fur in both patchwork as well as collars. 
This look from Mulberry makes me want to curl up and nap (stylishly).


These bright fur stoles at Banana Republic, worn either across both shoulders or draped over one, are a great finishing touch to a casual, structured look. 



Mulberry gave us big, high-contrast florals for this Fall with layered looks. 


As always, Marchesa gave us 3-D florals that I wish I could rock in everyday situations.
This floral dress from Banana Republic is mildly out of character but no less welcome in my closet!



While there were many flares throughout this season, my favorite silhouette would have to be the ones from Ralph Lauren Polo. I am on the hunt for something like this with perhaps a slightly higher waist for both this Spring and the Fall.

Honorable Mentions…

Socks and Sandals

Banana Republic (outer) and Ralph Lauren Polo (center) did something I’ve only done at home and then immediately removed from my feet; socks with sandals. Maybe it’s finally time to invest in some knit socks in bright, contrasting colors to give my Spring heels as much time out of the closet as possible.


As you can see, I really enjoyed RL Polo… They used a lot of suede in a beautiful milk chocolate brown as well as tan so as to make my dry cleaning trips much more frequent.



Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as NYFW is concerned. Keep an eye out this week for more of my favorite trends and shows. If you aren’t already, give me a follow! Not on WordPress? Follow me via email and on Bloglovin’ (and other social media) using the buttons in the sidebar! ❤



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