Saint Laurent

So before I can even begin to explain the wonder and beauty that is Saint Laurent’s Pre-Fall 2016 show, you have to see it in action for yourself.


Ok, so now that your mind has also been blown, let me talk you through this for a second. Saint Laurent never ceases to amaze me. I thought I could no longer truly be shocked by how much I love a piece but I daresay had I been at the show, they would’ve had to tell me to chill (like they should’ve told that one guy in the front row having his own personal drum solo). I have to get a higher paying job before Fall just so I can even own one of the pieces.

Vogue Runway shows the major similarities between Yves Saint Laurent’s midi dress from 1970 and Hedi Slimane’s own interpretation for Fall 2016. 

The huge collection, consisting of 93 total looks, nods back to the time when a women’s suit was cool (lookin at you, Bianca). Sequins, glitter, various patterns, and, of course, TONS of black give the line the rock glamour vibe that the design house is known for. I’m even obsessed with the way the models stomped/slumped down the runway in their sunglasses and smudged eyeliner, like they were exiting a party in the wee hours of the morning.


Hedi Slimane has done it again ladies and gentlemen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my closet, crying.

(With this amazing collection having been shown in L.A. along with designers showing their current (Spring) season instead of the next, one wonders… what is the future of New York Fashion Week as a whole?)


One thought on “Saint Laurent

  1. A collection after my own heart- brocade, sequins, fur, leather….give it to me baby!! And yes this is a collection that gives you are real incentive to rise up that career ladder! I also like the 70s influences I’m seeing and the thick belts! ( :

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