Pineapple Pants

St. Patrick’s Day was one of a handful of warm days that have occurred since my move. I always jump at the chance to wear my leather jacket rather than that trash bag of a puffer jacket I feel like I always have on (better outerwear choices will be made next Winter, lesson learned!) and it just so happened to double as my green for the day to avoid pinches.

But the pièce de résistance would have to be these amazing pineapple print pants. As you guys will learn, I am and have always been obsessed with a good statement pant (as evidenced here) and you can imagine my sadness when I went to buy these pants in the Fall and they were sold out in store and online at JCP. I was super pumped to find them in their clearance section during my last week working there in a tall that had been returned from online! So…6 inches of length removal later (seriously, I’m 5’9…why are these so long?!), here we are! Wearing beautiful print pants that feel like pajamas to the office!

The New York Public Library. Gorgeous, rain or shine.


|Jacket- Forever 21 (similar)| |Black Tee- Similar| |Pineapple Pants- JCP (found a pair on ebay!)| |Boots- Similar| |Bag- Similar|





3 thoughts on “Pineapple Pants

    1. Thank you!! I used to be very conservative with my pant choices, only wearing skinnies etc., but instead I’ve started doing a statement pant with a plain top! Pretty much has the same, if not more dramatic, effect! ☺️

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