“ain’t nothin new but your shoes”-A Night in Nashville



Hi everyone! It’s Flashback Friday (I totally made that up. I just found a post I forgot to finish!) here on the blog so let’s take a look at an outfit I wore to the Crew York Vintage Fashion Show in Nashville last month!

Seeing as it was a vintage show, I had to be sure to show up in all vintage! (Except the shoes from Forever 21.. you try finding a vintage size 10…)


The pink lighting in the venue was definitely “my aesthetic.” (Sorry.)



IMG_9851 The Crew York Vintage Fashion Show consisted of curated vintage clothing, reworked and styled by a former classmate of mine, JJ Johnson. Nashville style is most often seen as Western Wear but recently I’ve noticed a HUGE vintage following. The city is a treasure trove of second-hand goodies and it’s definitely a must-do for visitors to the city.


Blogger probs with Khira from “Who Stole My Jacket?”
Any of you who are in the Nashville area, be sure to check out Nashville Fashion Week this week! So sad that I’m missing out but so much more excited for all the fashion event opportunities around me!

Also, how much  does apartment hunting SUCK?! *sob sob sob*


3 thoughts on ““ain’t nothin new but your shoes”-A Night in Nashville

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing. I live 2 hours away from Nashville (Louisville KY) and didn’t even know there was a Nashville Fashion Week. Sounds like a fun road trip idea, and much easier to get to than NY. And love your vintage outfit!

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