The Blog Formerly Known As “The Street Canvas”

The Street Canvas. What does that even mean?? I’m not even sure anymore. Maybe it made sense to me at the time but now?? It’s just a couple of unrelated words jammed together in the hopes of being memorable…It’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe that brand was me at first but a lot has changed since that first post. My personal life, finishing college, a couple jobs, moving a thousand miles…

On that note, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Rebecca Talley and this is “Talley Mark.” I’m a New Yorker by way of a small town outside of Nashville, raised in the middle of nowhere, living vicariously through the Olsens and Vogue. I love my boyfriend, small  group of friends, weird looking dogs, insane/ironic/overdone/simple fashion, Diet Coke, Harry Potter and McDonald’s (probably in that order).

Here you will find what I wore, what I thought about that fashion show, what I ate at that really small 5×5 cafe, what I can never ever afford so we can share a good cry over it, and my life in general.

Talley Mark is a play on my last name and the mark or influence we all want to leave on the things we love. (I also got called “Rebecca Talley Mark” in elementary school when we studied tally the time I was pissed.)

I hope you all enjoy this new journey with me ❤




❤ Rebecca



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