Soho/Chinatown Hangs

I was going to title this “The Day that was Supposed to be Filled with Pottercon but that Sucked Which Was Super Disappointing So We Wandered Around Soho and Chinatown Instead” but I thought that was a tad wordy.

As you may or may not know, I’m OBSESSED with Harry Potter. When I heard about Pottercon I was pumped out of my MIND. Slightly less pumped when I arrived at the event and everyone was already super drunk, there were like 2 activites, and it cost $5 for a glorified cream soda/root beer mix they deemed Butterbeer… *insert sadface with a single tear here because I did not do research and realize that a 21 and up event would in fact not be super wholesome family HP fun*

So after I bought a really cool tank top, we left and decided to check out a few nearby-ish places in Soho/Chinatown.

Hogwarts shirt because school spirit, floral skirt because I wore this shirt out…       |Hogwarts tee| |Floral pencil skirt (no longer in stores but found here & here)| 



Our first stop was the cutest little plant shop, The Sill (which I will definitely visit again when my budget allows!).



It was also Josh’s first weekend here after finally moving up!!! |Simpson’s tee that I totally plan on stealing, similar here|

Then we met up with Laura in Chinatown for general wandering and to get the usual #Squad shots since Sarah was heading back to TN.

This was a super fun weekend and it was so great to be social/not lazy! Maybe I’ll get out more often…



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