NYFW: Top 5, No Debating (Top 5, Top 5, Top 5)

So New York Fashion Week is well under way here in the city and I’m experiencing hella FOMO as I go about my everyday life. While I can’t be at the shows this season, I have been keeping an eye on the runways and live streams. Here’s my top 5 so far!


#5: M Missoni


This collection, filled with neutrals and muted 70’s tones, is probably one of the easiest to style directly from the runway that I’ve seen so far for Spring 17.


#4: Lacoste


As a polo shirt hater (sorry), I had never paid much attention to what Lacoste has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone carry on the athleisure torch (as well as what seems like the mesh gown we all had no idea we needed in our lives) for Spring 17 because I have just started to get comfortable wearing poly-knits in public.

#3: Kendall + Kylie


Out of all the pieces in all the collections, I feel like I would wear these 3 voluminous looks FOREVER. Shout out to Kendall and Kylie (and their design team) for creating some simple, classic pieces that I could style for a few seasons. *thumbs up emoji*

#2: Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe: she knows what she likes and I like it too. 70’s forever/ how amazing is that GOLD SUIT?! (I also really love how the model for Rachel Zoe looks like her and the model for Kendall + Kylie looks just like Kendall. Meta.)

#1: TSE


This structured but simple collection from TSE gets my number one spot so far. The structured garments are made from technical fabrics, so that even the bulkiest pieces would wick away moisture. Given that the collection was based on a zen garden, I feel like putting these on in the morning would definitely relieve any wardrobe based stress I have.


*images from Vogue Runway*



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