F/W Wish List

Without the fan-fare of a new school year, I have to wait for a new season to have an excuse to shop. As it has gotten colder here I’ve come to realize… I don’t have anything. 2 black sweaters, a grey one, and one winter coat. Crap. I also took the time to throw out all of my tights at the first sight of Spring without the foresight to restock before it was too late. This year, I see everyone doing their usual routine of shrouding themselves in all black but I see the window displays telling a different story: bright jewel tones and more blush pink than we even saw before (turns out, it looks suuuuuper nice in velvet!).

Below I’ve rounded up all my favorites for the coming season. I’m going for texture, layers rather than bulk and COLOR.


First things first, you need a coat. With the right coat, your outfit is made. For all they know you have on leggings and a tee underneath!


The Teddy Coat, one of my favorite trends for the season! Like wearing a bathrobe in public but with less funny looks. 
Bombers are great for layering, whether as the top piece or even in the middle, snuggled between a big cozy sweater and a trench. This one from Missguided just happens to be in one of the top colors of the year. 
The time has come for me to invest in a classic camel coat. My dad got my mom one for Christmas the day he proposed to her almost 26 years ago and it’s just as beautiful as ever! 
Last but most certainly not least, everyone (yes EVERYONE) needs a faux fur statement coat. Why? Because. 



I am a year-round boot wearer. That being said, now is the time to buy them because…well because it’s Fall and everyone wants boots now.

The Holy Grail of boots. I could’ve cried when I saw them. Beautiful. Thank you Zara
I had these boots for 3 years before they fell apart. I’m talking 4 days of the week, on my feet all day in retail levels of wear. Teared up a bit when I put them in the dumpster. Teared up a bit when I spotted them at Topshop the other day. 
And then we have these. Paired with mom jeans, a band tee, and that fur coat? Ugh. Yes. 


Sweaters: like them or not, you definitely need them.

Ah yes, the oversized sweater. Bonus points if you found it at a thrift store, it’s men’s, and it covers your butt so you can wear leggings. 
Same deal with an oversized cardigan. Also an amazing layering piece for those disgusting days that you don’t want to look like a marshmallow. 


When I was a kid, it seemed like my mom bought me the bulkiest thermal wear she could find. Really wish Uniqlo had been a thing back then! 
Spanx tights are a Thanksgiving lifesaver. Eat to your heart’s content without busting your skirt! 

Mix these pieces together, add some pants (or don’t, it’s not technically illegal if you’re wearing undies), and you’ve got yourself some cold weather ‘fits!


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