Office Holiday Party

Last week my company had its office Holiday party at Lugo Cocina in Manhattan. The spirits were a plenty (Diet Coke too!!), both the liquid and holiday kinds. 

Top: Zara, Skirt: Goodwill (similar), Boots: Forever 21 (similar)
Jerry Seinfeld: a timeless inspiration.

(This blouse is the crowning glory of my Winter wardrobe right now. I spotted a very similar one on Pinterest and ooo’d and ahhhh’d, strolled into a Zara that very afternoon and there it was! Gimme all the crazy Seinfeld-blouses.)

Bae 1 since day 1.
Laura won an iPad cause she sucks. 
Santa riding a unicorn in outerspace sweater: Lord & Taylor
Robert channeling his inner Kimmy Gibbler. (Have you guys watched season 2 of Fuller House yet?!)




P.S. Check out my eBay shop! I plan on adding even more great vintage and gently used pieces over Christmas!


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