Girls Just Wanna Have FUNdamental Rights

A few weeks ago, I, along with approximately 400,000 other people, walked the streets of NYC to protest the appointment of a certain (as Busta Rhymes so wonderfully put it) “President Agent Orange” and his proposed immigration laws, health care reform, and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. 


When I left the house I was a little nervous. Large crowds in big cities are kind of worrisome these days. As soon as I got on the train and saw all the smiling women with their hand-knit “pussy hats” and their signs, I felt at ease. The march was even a beautiful family affair for many.

I was a little shocked to see so many middle-aged and elderly people marching . Where I come from there’s an unspoken motto: This is how it’s always been. But for them, this wasn’t their first rodeo.

In 1970, many of these women probably participated in the International Women’s Day March. They marched for equal pay, childcare, and reproductive rights. Somehow (almost 50 years later) we still don’t have that.




While many people focused on reproductive rights, I was also glad to see so much representation for immigrant rights. Aside from Native Americans, ALL Americans descended from immigrants.


This isn’t even the march yet. This is the line to get in line for the march.




The lady above with the “Statue of Liberty Rainbow” was probably one of the most lovely people I saw at the march. I overheard her telling others how she had worked for days on the piece, smiling shyly at all the attention. She also had on some killer earrings made out of paint swatches.




I hadn’t thought to prepare my own sign but as I got closer to the march, I saw a booth handing these out. My mom begged me not to post it on Facebook. It’s hanging above my dresser now.


I loved seeing all the “We the People” signs on social media the night before the march. It really made my heart smile and gave me a little more purpose going into it.


The man with the red letters on his back had created a poncho that read “No Pipeline.” It breaks my heart to see all of the hard work that was done in protesting the pipeline being undone so swiftly.






I am so glad that I attended this amazing outpouring of passion for our fellow (wo)man. ❤



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