Snowy City Day

Central Park in the snow: This was taken a mere moment before I fell on my ass


Snow. I really, really thought I would love snow. I don’t. Snow here is beautiful until it gets mixed with mud and dog crap that people suddenly think they don’t have to pick up anymore. At least my boots are rubber…


It is gorgeous though.


Coat: Goodwill (similar-ish), Tank: Similar, Jeans: American Eagle,

Boots: Target, Bag: Liz Claiborne


After the museum (I missed the newest Costume Institute Exhibit by a WEEK), we decided to check out the new Q line, a much further walk from the Met than expected. There are gorgeous mosaics of people who live in the area lining the walkways. This one was my favorite.


Now that my first NYC winter is almost (hopefully!) over, I have a few suggestions.

  1. Wool Coat. You WILL get tired of your black puffer jacket. A long wool coat instantly creates an outfit. For all they know, you have on leggings and a ratty tee underneath. If you see me at the coffee shop on a Sunday morning… that’s what’s up.
  2. Rubber Boots. Trust me. You want rubber no matter how opposed you are to it. The salt will stain your leather boots and someone will leave their dog crap buried in snow. I know I already said that. I needed to say it again.
  3. HUGE scarf. The bigger the better. Wrap that around your face until you look like the forgotten cast member of Boohbah.

What are your suggestions for northern winters? Please, help me. I just wear black and either too many layers or not enough. Bring my life some balance.


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